Art exhibit – ELEMENTS – Saturday, Sept. 17 from 12 to 6pm

You are invited to our art exhibit, E L E M E N T S, taking place on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 17, from 12 to 6 PM. (Rain date Sunday 9/18)

For the second time, we are weaving art into our one-sixth of an acre public paradise, an improbable slab of three feet of dirt and towering greenery in midair, suspended over gritty sidewalks and a parking garage. For one day, humans will add their own creative touches to the splendor of our winding paths.

The contributing artists have worked in steel, copper, brass, plastic, burlap, wood, paint, photography and paper. For subject matter, they have delved into Maine and Brooklyn scenery, poetry, ballet and, of all things, Zabar’s cheese. The contributors include full-time art professionals as well as people working mostly in the worlds of teaching, filmmaking, editing, TV production and architecture. Their range of interests, materials and messages conveyed reinforces the variety of plants on our terrain, the textures and heights and colors, the sinuousness of our paths
Featured artists:

Barbara Beck

Caroline Blum

Lisa Ferber

Mark Fox

Shanna Forlano

Karen Gershenhorn

Molly Heron

Kenneth Karpel

Jeff Kindley

Graham Puleo

Emily Wagner

Pamela Mason Wagner

Pamela White

Walter Zucker