The Lotus Garden (Urban Woodlands Community Gardens, Inc.) is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation registered with NYS Charities Bureaus (www.NYSCharitiesBureau). Any donation to the Lotus Garden is tax deductible as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.

Lotus Garden Guidelines for Community Members

[As amended for the duration of the pandemic, or until further notice]

These guidelines are intended to safeguard your well-being and enjoyment of the garden, as well as the well-being and enjoyment of others.


  • Community members must be at least 18 years old.
  • Membership is for 12 months. The annual fee is $20 ($10 for seniors 65 years and older
  • Community members interested in becoming a plot holder/gardener must keep their community membership current and assist with clean up, watering, garden events, etc.
  • All visitors to the garden are responsible for safeguarding their property; the garden cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage.


  • Maintain social distancing and wear a mask. This is essential to keep everyone safe and show respect to our community;
  • Be aware that tables and chairs will not be sanitized. Bring your own wipes if that is a concern for you;
  • Enjoy the flowers, trees, shrubs, and fish; the garden is a quiet space—please maintain it as such;
  • Pull the gate closed and make sure it is locked when entering or leaving the garden;
  • Park your strollers so they do not obstruct any of the paths. There is space at the top and the bottom of the stairs;
  • Keep to the wood-chip paths. No one may enter a garden plot, walk on the stepping-stones between plots, or remove items from a plot without permission of the plot holder;
  • Enjoy your music with headphones;
  • Notify the garden ( or tell a gardener if you are aware of a serious problem, such as a broken lock or fallen tree, etc.


  • Come in as a group of more than four people. The maximum capacity for the garden at this time is 20. We also ask that you limit your stay if the garden is becoming crowded as a way of showing consideration to other keyholders;
  • Use the garden for events or group activities that could just as well occur elsewhere and/or are of a commercial nature, such as private parties, hobby groups, classes, personal training etc.;
  • Pick the flowers;
  • Plant or add anything to a plot-holder’s garden without their explicit permission;
  • Enter the shed or use the hoses without a gardener;
  • Put any trash, food or household compostable material in the compost bins;
  • Walk in bare feet;
  • Feed the fish;
  • Bring your pets;
  • Sunbathe;
  • Smoke or drink alcoholic beverages.


  • Must be accompanied and closely supervised by an adult at all times;
  • May not run or play ball games in the garden.

Thank you for following these guidelines.  Stay safe!

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

Due to the Covid-19 health situation, new applications for community membership are only being accepted online.

Key-holders are requested to do their fair share when it is obvious that something needs to be done, such as picking up paper or other debris that has blown into the garden.  We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in making the garden a safe, enjoyable experience for all visitors!

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